‘We wanted the Global Challenge to be just that – a challenge!’

Kirsty is the Office Administrator at Gleeds in Warrington, but for the past few weeks she has also been organising the Lake Windermere Triathlon for The Gleeds Global Challenge. It will take their team of 50 7 hours to swim, cycle, canoe, run and walk around England’s largest natural lake.

All this effort for the Global Challenge?

I first heard about the Global Challenge during a Business Briefing in Warrington and loved the idea of it. Next thing you know, I’m pitching the event to our Warrington office staff and planning the event!

It sounds like a rewarding project…

The work has been really diverse - from getting all the planning together, to liaising with venues and all the staff involved. It’s been very different from my job, but I’ve absolutely loved it!

How did you come up with the triathlon idea?

Our office director is quite an active person, so he instantly thought of an event that required physical activity! The rest of us agreed that it was certainly a challenge, so we went for it!

It’s definitely challenging! How did people take it?

We had an amazing response! It’s completely different from anything else we usually do in the office, so people latched onto it. The running and walking sparked interest straight away, and slowly people came round to the canoeing, swimming, cycling… The best part about our triathlon is that it’s diverse - everybody can find an activity that suits them best.

What is your activity?

That is an interesting question! I’ll be multi-tasking! I chose to participate in the hike but I’ll also be supporting the land-based activities with on-the-day logistics and safety, so I’ll no doubt end up doing a bit of running, walking and cycling!



Julian Barlow

Julian Barlow
PR Consultant