The Creation of a Housing Portfolio

With the UK’s 27 million homes dominated by owner-occupied houses and the cost of property becoming increasingly unaffordable, a wide-ranging housing policy became active on 12th May 2016. The Housing and Planning Act 2016 sets out a number of policies in relation to housing supply.

In response to this, Gleeds’ Chairman Richard Steer, has produced the Brief for the creation of a Housing Portfolio. The report explores 3 main issues:

Summarises the make-up of current housing stock and the nature and quality of demand for housing in the UK, whilst covering principle ownership types, popularity and the factors which affect finance and funding.

Reviews the government’s policy ambitions in response to demand for the construction of new homes. The report also discusses planning systems and the extent to which they act as a constraint, as well as exploring other constraints on private sector supply.

Key policies, the opposition
Offers an overview of the key opposition party policies relating to housing and planning issues, while providing insight into the particular problems faced by London, and how the policies of Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan seek to rectify some of these issues.




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