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Our experience in the USA

We recognise that clients in the media world need to maintain state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with consumer trends.

Specialist knowledge

We work on all kinds of developments in the media sector. These range from complex functional buildings, such as technology and data centres, to telecommunication and broadcasting facilities. Our projects include prestigious buildings of international acclaim, such as the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London.

We understand the pressure our clients are under to deliver high profile projects without compromising quality, cost or schedule. Our experience helps us balance their objectives against the pragmatic issues of development.

Strength of experience

Or clients benefit from our extensive benchmarking database, which is invaluable in identifying development priorities, as well as analysing costs. This helps assess project feasibility, making sure that schedules are realistic and achievable from the outset.

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Philip Marfleet

Philip Marfleet
Director, Defence

Entendemos que sus proyectos no solo deben cumplir especificaciones muy complejas, sino que están expuestos al gran público y a sus críticas. Philip Marfleet, Head of Media & Communications